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Flow Cytometry Specialist

Berkeley, CA
Full Time

Prellis Biologics employs proprietary technology to 3D print lymph node organoids, which we are using to generate in vitro antibody libraries, camelid antibody libraries, in vitro human immunogenicity screening, and in vitro human tumor/lymph node cocultures for therapeutic screening. Prellis’ ability to print and culture healthy human tissue provides it with unique opportunities for generating and evaluating next-generation human therapeutics.

Prellis Biologics is seeking a highly motivated individual to join our Research team and help develop our next-generation human antibody discovery technology. The individual will be a part of the Integrated Discovery and Tissue Engineering team and will be highly integrated across multiple R&D groups. The main responsibility of the role will be the fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) of target-specific primary immune cells and the maintenance of sorting equipment. The successful candidate will also provide expertise on flow cytometry panel development, staining optimization, as well as use their knowledge and experience in helping research teams optimize their sorting strategy.

The role will require background knowledge in phenotypic characterization of immune cells including B cells, T cells, and dendritic cells (DCs). It will also be critical to understand the proper use and application of detection reagents in cytometry applications. General knowledge of antibody discovery and in vitro immune engineering is a plus. The role is central to our internal capabilities as our company integrates its proprietary antibody discovery and 3D scaffold platforms.


  • Perform single cell and bulk sorting of immune cells based on the needs and requirements of the R&D team
  • Optimize fluorescence panel configurations to accurately identify and isolate desired cell populations based on antigen and antibody fluorophores
  • Collaborate closely with researchers to understand experimental requirements and design sorting protocols tailored to specific surface markers and cell subsets
  • Ensure high purity and yield of sorted cells through careful gating and sorting procedures to improve the isolation of rare or specific cell subsets
  • Routine cytometer maintenance including start-up and shut down procedures before and after use
  • Troubleshooting any equipment issues that arise
  • Update and maintain cytometer operation SOPs based on best practices
  • Communicate with experimental leads to coordinate schedule of experiments
  • Train new users and authorize new users for independent use of the machines as needed
  • Maintain relationship with cytometer company representatives and contact technical support as needed for technical and mechanical issues

Preferred Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. in Immunology, Cell Biology, or a closely related field with hands-on experience of multi-color flow cytometry experience in academia or industry
  • 10+ years of flow cytometry experience including 5+ years of cell sorting experience
  • Experience with a Sony MA900 Cell Sorter is a plus
  • Experience in sorting primary immune cell populations including rare cell subtypes
  • Knowledge of multiple modalities of cell staining such as tetramer staining and intra- and extracellular staining techniques
  • Knowledgeable in flow cytometry software flowjo
  • Excellent attention to detail, record keeping, and a passion for accuracy and precision
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced start-up with an intrinsically multi-disciplinary environment
  • Detail oriented with strong organizational skills
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills

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