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Berkeley, CA
Full Time

We're seeking an enthusiastic and talented immunologist to play a pivotal role in advancing our groundbreaking in vitro immune system platform. You'll collaborate closely with a multidisciplinary team to develop innovative lymph node organoids, design and execute impactful in vitro assays, and contribute your expertise to in vitro immune process development and antigen/antibody biomolecular engineering.


  • Develop human lymph node organoids and design/execute in vitro assays to build an ex vivo immune system.
  • Employ novel techniques to stimulate and characterize immune cell responses.
  • Leverage your immunology knowledge to contribute intellectually to the development of in vitro immune processes and antibody responses.
  • Collaborate effectively across disciplines to achieve project goals.
  • Be hands-on in the lab (60-80% of the time) and thrive in a fast-paced environment.


  • PhD in immunology, cell biology, or a closely related field with 3+ years of relevant industry and/or postdoc experience.
  • Knowledge of adaptive immunology, in particular B and T cell biology.
  • Understanding of cell-cell interactions, and ligand-receptor signaling pathways.
  • Expertise in experimental design, data analysis, and interpreting complex immunological data sets.
  • Extensive immunology lab experience, including flow cytometry (panel design, data acquisition, analysis, and troubleshooting).
  • Proficiency in primary cell isolation and culture, and in vitro assay development/execution.

Skills & Experience (Preferred):

  • Knowledge of immune tolerance, vaccine development, and systems immunology.
  • Project management expertise.
  • Experience with bioinformatic analysis of proteins and sequences.
  • Familiarity with molecular biology techniques.
  • Experience developing and implementing laboratory systems.
  • Proficiency in FlowJo, GraphPad Prism, and DOE software.


  • Demonstrated scientific progress with first-authored publications in peer-reviewed journals.

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